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About Me

Life isn’t always about being able to breathe easy, but sometimes it takes your breath completely away. If you are having difficulty in catching your breath, being present in your daily life, feeling stuck or going through a difficult time, I want to help. I hold in high regard the theory of self-actualization, which allows a person to recognize their own strengths and gives them the capability to use those strengths in their journey, at their own pace, and by their own choice. My goal is to empower individuals with knowledge and tools and personal growth so that they can live successful lives.

Throughout my career I have worked with individuals of all ages on a wide variety of issues which has provided me the insight, knowledge and clarity 

that will add to the productivity of our sessions. With over a decade of experience I utilize multiple modalities, pending the need.

 Using a mindfulness approach that allows for comfort, empowerment and opportunity, I strive to help my clients regain the strength needed to recommence their journey with renewed energy.

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